• In the wake of 2017, we learned that we are not adequately pre-planning for our future. We are not preventing these fires. David was a firefighter in Glen Ellen and Kenwood. He felt the heat. He breathed the smoke. He was trained and educated in fire fighting, and fire pre-planning. For David, fire pre-planning is not an imaginary exercise. He will get the much needed fire pre-planning, with firebreaks and water pipes, accomplished.

He will get the much needed fire pre-planning, with firebreaks and water pipes, accomplished.

• David has a general contractor’s license. He has paved roads. For him, this is not an academic activity. He knows how to get the pavement to the pot hole. He will fix the roads in Sonoma.

• As a Farm Management Consultant, at heart David loves the land. He consults on Sustainable Farming, and Environmentally Friendly land use practices. And, he understands that the land needs to serve the people. The Sonoma Development Center in Glen Ellen is being transferred to the county for disposition. This is over 800 acres. David wants to make this into a balanced use people oriented park.

About David Cook

David Cook was born in Willows California in 1966. He is a fourth generation farmer.

At 15 years of age he took over the family farm to save his family from the financial hardship of losing their father. David ran it successfully for many years growing over 50 different crops including rice, wheat, beans, alfalfa, safflower, cotton and different vine seed crops. At this time he also developed his business acumen.

In 1995 David moved to the wine country to embrace his sustainable growing practices and love for the Sonoma Valley.  He is the founder of Cook Vineyard Management which manages 475+ acres of quality vineyards and olive orchards in Sonoma County. The business has 42 employees. David emphasizes sustainable, environmentally friendly farming practices. His wife and him own and operate an agricultural supply retail store.

David personalizes the suffering of our community. He saw fires and medical emergencies reek havoc on the lives of the people of Sonoma County. Needing act to help his community, David joined the volunteer fire department. He worked as a firefighter and then studied and trained to become an EMT.  As a firefighter and EMT for many years David learned about Sonoma County’s emergency service needs.

In 2012 David was elected to The Sonoma City Council and served as Mayor in 2015. He was re-elected in 2016 and is currently serving on the Sonoma City Council. He has become known for his empathy to the plight of the everyday Sonoma county residents and his practice of fiscal responsibility.

David is married and lives in Sonoma with his wife Kiersten and 4 children who are the new fifth generation of his legacy.

  • Exalted Ruler Willows Elks Lodge (1993)
  • Moved to the Wine Country (1995)
  • Kenwood Volunteer Firefighter (1997- 1999)
  • Glen Ellen Volunteer Firefighter (2000-2002)
  • Founded Cook Vineyard Management (2003 – present)
  • Elected to Sonoma City Council (2012- present)
  • President (2013) Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce.
  • Vice Mayor (2014) Sonoma City Council
  • Mayor of Sonoma (2015)
  • Re-Elected to Second Term to Sonoma City Council (2016)
  • Board of Director alternate Sonoma Clean Power (present)
  • Water Advisory Committee Member Sonoma County Water Agency (present)
  • Sonoma Valley Groundwater Sustainability Agency Alternate (present)
  • California Licensed class A General Contractor 914872
  • Sonoma Valley Rotary (present)